Dr. Robert E. Woods, DVM, CVA
About Dr. Robert E. Woods DVM, CVA

Dr. Woods has had an interest in Alternative Veterinary
Medicine dating back to his undergraduate studies. While
working on his Bachelor of Science in honors Biology at the
University of Cincinnati, Dr. Woods was employed part time
with the Food and Drug Administration. Here he was
introduced to a colleague who had been very pleased with
the results her dogs had received using veterinary

During his education at the Ohio State University College of
Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Woods continued his interest in
veterinary acupuncture and became familiar with additional
alternative, or so called "holistic" modalities. He helped
develop the college branch or the American Holistic
Veterinary Medical Association and served as its president,
providing the students with a showcase to learn about
complimentary modalities in veterinary medicine.

Upon graduation, Dr. Woods completed a one year
surgical/internal medicine internship at the Animal Specialty
Group in Glendale, California.

Shortly after completing his internship, he became Certified
in Veterinary Acupuncture. He has been in general practice
since 1998, and continues to provide clients and their
animals with allopathic and complimentary therapies.

Dr. Woods is currently working on a Masters Degree in
Traditional Veterinary Chinese Medicine at the Chi Institute in
Gainesville, Florida.

His area of special interest includes traditional Chinese
Medicine, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology, Low Level Laser
Therapy, and Nutraceutical Therapy.

Other than keeping track of 4 children, 2 boys & 2 girls, he
and his wife keep track of a 13 year old Golden Retriever
"Bubbles", a diabetic rescued Greyhound "Ewing", a service
dog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Jewel", A LOT of cats at
home including a renal failure Chocolate Pointe Siamese "Dr.
Claw", a crazy old man white Domestic Short Hair "Calvin", a
blind hypertensive Flame Point Siamese "Bumble Bee Tuna",
a polydacyl Siamese "Ming-a-ling", a OCD rescued Siamese
"Scarjo", a foster kitten "Ace", a crew of hospital cats
including 2 inherited Tabbys "BoBo" & "Sugar Foot", a
Tuxedo feral rescue "Martin", a Freeway Rescue "Olive", 2
Parakeets "Copernicus" & "da Vinci", a Siberian Long Haired
Hamster "Snowball", a Russian Dwarf Hamster "Nibbles", 2
hooded Rats "Avalon" & "Shadow", 1 Dumbo Rat "Azul", and
a collection of fish, and at the moment a hospice rescued
Chameleon, and anything else that presents itself. Animals
are a way of life for Dr. Woods & his family, and he can
relate to his patients and their owners, because he has
definitely been in their shoes as an avid animal owner.
11561 Salinaz Ave, Garden Grove, CA. 92843
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